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Portwell CAR-5010 Network Appliance

American Portwell Technology introduced the CAR-5010 network appliance. The Portwell CAR-5010 supports the Intel Xeon 5600 series quad-core and six-core 32nm processor. The network appliance features a 2U rackmount chassis, dual sockets for the Intel Xeon processors, integrated memory controller, up to 6.4 GT/s Intel Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) Technology links, 36 PCI Express generation 2.0 lanes, and six DDR3 DIMM slots for each processor. The CAR-5010 supports remote network monitoring and active management. The remote management features include KVM, IPMI 2.0, Power Management, Virtual Media, IPMI Authentication and Web GUI.

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Intel Xeon 5600 Series Embedded Processors

The new Intel Xeon Processor 5600 series feature four processors for embedded applications such as communications infrastructure and security servers, blades and appliances. The E5645, L5638, L5618 and E5620 processors offer temperature options for thermally constrained applications with 7-year lifecycle support for embedded systems. The Intel Xeon Processor 5600 processors will enable faster and more efficient routing of applications between connected devices.

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