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AdaCore Ada Web Server for Wind River VxWorks

AdaCore rolled out Ada Web Server (AWS) for Wind River’s VxWorks Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). AWS for VxWorks, when used with the GNAT Pro development environment, enables developers to easily implement a user interface to embedded systems through regular web browsers. With AWS for VxWorks, users can connect through a direct TCP/IP link to board-level applications flike system control, configuration, and maintenance. The two-way interface is both lightweight and flexible. AWS for Wind River VxWorks is available now.

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Ethernet Direct RWM-824 Ethernet Module

Ethernet Direct introduced the RWM-824 Ethernet I/O module. The RWM-824 features a built-in web server that provides eight isolated open collector (source type) output and eight isolated wet contact (sink, source type) digital input channels. Each output channel supports 300mA current driving @ 10 to 40VDC and each digital input channel supports counter input (32 bits and 500Hz max).

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Perst for .NET Supports Silverlight

McObject has ported their Perst open source, object-oriented embedded database system to Microsoft’s Silverlight technology for Web applications. With Perst for .NET, developers using Silverlight can now include true database management system (DBMS) features in their rich Web client applications, including adding persistence to this data by storing it on local file systems. Perst is available for Java and .NET, including Java ME and .NET Compact Framework.

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