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Acromag Introduces APCe8675 Carrier Card

Acromag APCe8675 carrier card

Acromag introduced the APCe8675 carrier card. The APCe8675 enables a PC to communicate with an XMC mezzanine module over a PCI Express (PCIe) bus. The Acromag carrier card is a simple and cost-effective solution for test advanced systems for defense and aerospace applications that will be deployed later on rugged embedded computer platforms such as VME, VPX, or CompactPCI. Pricing for the standard APCe8675 model starts at $700.

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Kontron VX3324 3U VPX Graphics Board Features AMD Radeon E6460 GPU

Kontron VX3324 3U VPX graphics board

Kontron introduced their VX3324 3U VPX graphics board. The VX3324 features the AMD Radeon E6460 graphics processing unit (GPU). The Kontron graphics board integrates 160 cores at 600 MHz and 512 MB GDDR5 high-performance graphics memory for a 3DMark VantageP score of up to P2195. The module comes in an embedded form factor and is ideal for military and aerospace applications. The Kontron VX3324 is available now. It can be ordered as a stand-alone solution or integrated into Kontron’s rugged multi-mission ApexVX computer system.

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GE Intelligent Platforms Introduces CRS-C2I-3VB1 COTS Rugged System

GE Intelligent Platforms CRS-C2I-3VB1 COTS Rugged System (CRS)

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the CRS-C2I-3VB1 embedded system. The COTS Rugged System (CRS) is designed to reduce program risk, cost and time-to-market. The application-ready CRS-C2I-3VB1 is ideal for civilian and military unmanned vehicles, manned commercial and military aircraft, helicopters, over- and underwater research vessels, ground vehicles, locomotives and oil and gas applications.

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GE Announces GRA112 3U VPX Graphics Board

GE GRA112 3U VPX Graphics Board

GE introduced their GRA112 3U VPX Graphics Board. The GE GRA112 features a 384-core NVIDIA Kepler architecture-based EXK107 GPU, PCI Express Gen 3 interconnect, and 2 GBytes of GDDR5 memory. The graphics board is ideal for both demanding graphical applications and GPGPU (general purpose computing on a graphics processing unit) applications like ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance), radar and sonar.

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GE Intelligent Platforms Debuts SBC625, XVR15 and XCR15 Single Board Computers

GE Intelligent Platforms SBC625 single board computer

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced their SBC625, XVR15 and XCR15 single board computers. The SBC625, XCR15 and XVR15 SBCs are designed for 6U VPX, CompactPCI and VME systems respectively. They are available in five build levels, from benign (air cooled) to fully rugged (conduction cooled). The new GE single board computers are ideal for applications like command/control, ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance), radar/sonar and signal processing.

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Kontron Chassis Monitoring Board

Kontron introduced their chassis monitoring board (CMB). The Kontron CMB centralizes out-of-band monitoring and management of installed boards and system parameters (temperature, airflow and power supply) in mission-critical COTS systems. The chassis monitoring board features an integrated microcontroller running a multi-threaded monitoring application on the Freescale MQX real-time OS. The Kontron CMB is available now as a board or as an option in Kontron’s preconfigured VME and VPX development platforms.

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X-ES XCalibur1700 CompactPCI, XCalibur1730 VME, XCalibur1740 VPX SBCs

Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) introduced the XCalibur1700 6U CompactPCI SBC, the XCalibur1730 VME SBC, and the XCalibur1740 6U VPX SBC. The new single board computers are based on the Freescale QorIQ P2020 processor. X-ES offers all P2020-based products in both air-cooled, commercial (0 to 55 °C) to rugged, conduction-cooled (-40 to +85 °C) versions with appropriate shock and vibration testing. They are ideal for commercial, industrial, and military applications.

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GE DSP280 Dual Socket Quad Core 6U VPX Multiprocessor

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the DSP280 multiprocessor. The GE DSP280 features RDMA-enabled 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Double Data Rate (DDR) InfiniBand dual port NICs, 16 GBytes of ECC memory, 16 GBytes of solid state disk, up to 1.8 GBytes/second data rates per channel, memory-to-memory latencies of 1µs, 260+ Gigaflops peak performance and main memory bandwidth of up to 21 GBytes/second per CPU node. The rugged dual socket quad core 6U VPX multiprocessor is ideal for ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance), radar, sonar, and image and sensor processing applications.

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Acromag VPX4810 3U VPX Carrier Cards

Acromag introduced the VPX4810 3U VPX carrier cards for interfacing a PMC or XMC module to a VPX computer system. The VPX4810 boards route power and interface bus signals to a plug-in mezzanine module through the VPX card slot connector. The VPX4810 features an 8-lane PCIe bus Gen 2 interface that enables rapid data throughput. The air-cooled model (0 to 70°C range) carrier cards is available for $1600. Conduction-cooled and REDI versions are also available. The Acromag VPX4810 3U VPX carrier cards are ideal for high-performance industrial, defense, scientific research, and telephony systems requiring high-speed I/O.

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GE Intelligent Platforms SBC312 3U VPX Single Board Computer

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the SBC312 3U VPX single board computer (SBC). The SBC312 SBC is OpenVPX-compliant. It supports the Freescale QorIQ 8-core P4080 and 4-core P4040 processors. The SBC312 SBC features dual channel DDR3 memory (up to 4 GBytes), two x4 PCI Express Gen2 links, two 1000BaseT ports, two serial ports, two USB 2.0 ports, two SATA ports, up to eight GPIO ports, and a PMC/XMC mezzanine site. The GE SBC312 is designed for demanding space- and weight-constrained environments such as unmanned vehicles.

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