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Wind River Hypervisor v1.1

Wind River rolled up version 1.1 of the Wind River Hypervisor embedded virtualization solution for single and multicore processors. Wind River Hypervisor v1.1 supports the latest Intel processors and enables new inter-virtual machine communication capabilities. In addition, debugging of virtual boards is now supported by the latest version of Wind River On-Chip Debugging.

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Kontron KISS 4U KTQ45 Industrial Server

The Kontron KISS 4U KTQ45 industrial server offers the highest level of data processing for industrial applications. The KISS 4U KTQ45 features the Intel Core 2 Quad processor Q9400, Intel AMT 5.0 for remote maintenance, Kontron PC Condition Monitoring (PCCM) for remote monitoring, and an Intel Trusted Platform Module for the highest level of data security. The Kontron KISS 4U KTQ45 industrial server is ideal virtualization platform for the most demanding industrial applications. The new Kontron KISS 4U KTQ45 is available in EMEA now and it will be available in North America and APAC later this year.

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