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Kontron OM6090D and OM7090D MTCA.1 Compliant MicroTCA Platforms

The Kontron OM6090D and OM7090D MicroTCA platforms are designed for high-end AdvancedMCs and are compliant with the MTCA.1 specification. The OM6090D and OM7090D feature a 10 Gbit/s Ethernet switched backplane. In their maximum configuration, the systems can be fitted with up to 36 Intel XEON processor cores and a full 216 GB of RAM. The Kontron OM6090D and OM7090D MicroTCA platforms are available now.

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GE Intelligent Platforms GS12 Ethernet Switch

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the GS12 rugged, Ethernet switch. The GS12 switch is a standalone, fully managed Layer 2/3 Gigabit device with 12 Gigabit Ethernet ports and support for IPv6 switching and routing. The GE GS12 can be deployed in a wide array of applications in ground vehicles that need the ability to interconnect a large number of nodes. The GS12 Ethernet switch is ideal for applications that require networking capability in harsh conditions such as those found in military and aerospace ground-, airborne- and naval environments.

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