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Ronetix SK-PM9G45 Starter Kit

Ronetix introduced their SK-PM9G45 Starter Kit. The SK-PM9G45 is based on the Atmel’s 400MHz, ARM926-based AT91SAM9G45 microcontroller (MCU). The starter kit includes a PM9G45 CPU module, baseboard and 7-inch LCD 800×480 with touchscreen and LED backlight. The Ronetix SK-PM9G45 starter kit supports Linux, WinCE and Android OS. The PM9G45 CPU module features 128MiB DDR2, 256MiB Flash and 8MiB Atmel Serial DataFlash option.

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Microchip PIC24F Accessory Development Start Kit for Android

Microchip Technology introduced their Accessory Development Starter Kits for Android. The starter kit is a standalone board used for evaluating and developing electronic accessories for the Google Android operating system for smartphones and tablets. The Microchip PIC24F Accessory Development Starter Kit For Android consists of the 16-bit PIC24F PIC MCU-based development board and a software library. The PIC24F starter kit is available now for $79.99. The PIC32 starter kit will be available in the third quarter of 2011 for $79.99. The software library (works with both kits) is also available now via a free download.

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GE Intelligent Platforms OpenVPX 6U CUDA Starter Kit

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the 6U OpenVPX CUDA Starter Kit. The GE 6U CUDA Starter Kit is designed for GPGPU (general purpose computing on a graphics processing unit) technology for rugged, size/weight-constrained, deployed mission computing applications such as radar, sonar, image processing, signals intelligence and ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance). The kit is a complete, integrated, pre-tested hardware and software development environment. A 3U OpenVPX CUDA Starter Kit is also available.

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