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Device Language Message Specification Protocol Stack for 16-bit PIC MCUs

Microchip Technology and Kalki Communication Technologies (Kalkitech) teamed together to optimize a Device Language Message Specification (DLMS) protocol stack for 16-bit PIC microcontrollers (MCUs). The DLMS stack is available now. It is available in four flavors: DLMS Evaluation Library (free evaluation version), DLMS-lite Stack ($3,900 for 5k units), DLMS Stack ($4,800 for 5k units), and DLMS Explorer ($2,800 each).

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MontaVista Stack Connects Dell Latitude ON

MontaVista Software teamed with Dell to develop the software stack for Latitude ON, which is an instant, always on connection to email, Web, contacts, and calendar. The software stack is built on the MontaVista Montabello MID platform. The stack provides the advanced power management, fast startup, and connectivity management required by Latitude ON users.

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