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WinSystems Debuts ISM-TRM-RELAY, ISM-TRM-COMBO Isolated Digital I/O Signal Conditioning Boards

WinSystems ISM-TRM-COMBO Octal Isolated In/Out/Relay Signaling Conditioning Module

WinSystems announced the ISM-TRM-RELAY and ISM-TRM-COMBO isolated digital signal conditioning and termination boards. The ISM-TRM-RELAY features sixteen independent, Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) relays. The ISM-TRM-COMBO features eight optically isolated inputs, eight optically isolated outputs, and eight Form C relays on one board. The ISM-TRM-RELAY is priced at $299 and the ISM-TRM-COMBO is priced at $255.

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DAQ-PACK Multifunction Data Acquisition and Control System

ACCES I/O Products introduced the DAQ-PACK data acquisition and control system. The multifunction I/O DAQ-PACK is ideal for adding high-speed analog and digital I/O capabilities to any PC or embedded system with a USB port. DAQ-PACK performs signal conditioning such as RC filtering, current inputs, RTD measurement, bridge completion, thermocouple break detection, voltage dividers, small signal inputs, and sensor excitation voltage supply. It features sampling speeds up to 500kHz. The DAQ-PACK is available now for $872.

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ZMDI ZSSC3017 Sensor Signal Conditioning Integrated Circuit

ZMDI announced the ZSSC3017 16-bit sensor signal conditioning IC (SSC). The ZMDI ZSSC3017 features high accuracy amplification, 16-bit precision analog-to-digital conversion, and an 18-bit DSP for linearization and calibration functions. The CMOS device is ideal for altimeter/barometer systems, data merging with GPS receivers, medical gas and infusion pumps, and robotics. The ZSSC3017 is available as die for wafer bonding or in a TSSOP14 package. Packaged parts are priced at 1.13 Euro / 1.59 US$ in volumes of 10k. Samples and wafer material are available now.

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