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Habey USA Introduces EMB-4500 Board

Habey USA EMB-4500 board

Habey USA announced the EMB-4500 board. The EMB-4500 is based on the Freescale i.MX6 processor. The board is available as a standalone, or can be shipped in an OPS module (BIS-6332B) or small form factor fanless chassis (BIS-6332A). The EMB-4500 board is ideal for human to machine interfaces, data acquisition, point of sale, vehicle telematics, digital signage, industrial automation, banking, building controls and connected appliances.

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Cortus Introduces APS3R 32-bit Embedded Microcontroller IP Core

Cortus APS3R embedded microcontroller IP core

Cortus introduced the APS3R embedded microcontroller. The processor core features a 32-bit modern RISC architecture with sixteen 32-bit registers and a 5-7 stage pipeline. Cortus developed the APS3R for applications requiring good computational performance and very low power. The IP core is ideal for wireless communication, sensing, smart cards, SIM cards, touchscreen controllers and energy harvesting applications. A dual core configuration is possible for demanding embedded applications.

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Texas Instruments MSP430AFE2xx 16-bit Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the MSP430AFE2xx 16-bit microcontrollers. The analog front end (AFE) ultra-low-power MCUs are based on a 16-bit RISC architecture with a system frequency of 12MHz. The microcontroller has an energy accuracy with less than 0.1% error over a dynamic range of 2400:1. The MSP430AFE2xx features three independent 24-bit sigma-delta A/D converters, one 16-bit timer, one 16-bit hardware multiplier, USART communication interface, watchdog timer, and 11 I/O pins. The TI MSP430AFE2xx microcontrollers are available now. Prices start at $0.80 for 1K units.

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Moxa IA3341 Embedded System

Moxa introduced the IA3341 embedded computer. The IA3341 embedded system is based on the MOXA ART ARM9 industrial processor. The IA3341 features two RS-232/422/485 serial ports, dual LANs, four digital input channels, four digital output channels, two analog input channels, and two thermocouple channels. Meters, sensors, and other devices can all connect easily to the IA3341. The embedded system can be used as a front-end controller to perform industrial tasks, such as data acquisition, data computing, protocol conversion, and data analysis. The Moxa IA3341 is also ideal for industrial and solar power applications.

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Kontron Panel PC Pico Client

The Kontron Panel PC Pico Client is a RISC-based human machine interface with a resistive 5.7-inch VGA TFT touch-screen (640×480). The industrial Kontron Panel PC Pico Client supports Windows CE and is now available with CE, cULus and EN/UL60950-1 certification in EMEA. It will be available in North America and APAC this quarter. The compact, cost-effective and energy-saving industrial HMI is ideal for visualization and control tasks in machinery and equipment.

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Korenix JetBox 9533G Networking PoE Router Computer

The Korenix JetBox 9533G is a 4-port Gigabit Embedded networking VPN Router computer for extended high-bandwidth data transmission in industrial networks. The JetBox 9533G features LAN, WAN, 8 DIO channels, Serial RS-232 Console, USB ports, and 4 PoE ports. The RISC-based computer includes Layer3 routing and VPN functionality. The JetBox 9533G is compliant with the IEEE802.3af PoE standard and operates as a power sourcing equipment to provide 15.4W power per port to higher resolution IP cameras, VoIP phones, Wireless Access Points and other PoE-enabled devices.

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Korenix JetBox 9430-w Embedded Networking Computer

Korenix rolled out the JetBox 9430-w Intelligent Linux Ready Embedded Networking Computer. The Korenix JetBox 9430-w includes Layer 3 routing capabilities for efficiently managing extended network groups in industrial environments. It is ideal for large network infrastructures in open-pit mines, substations, railcars, public utilities, and other severe industrial applications. The JetBox 9430-w RISC-based computer features four LAN, one WAN, three USB, eight DIO, serial console ports, advanced QoS, and VLAN management.

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Korenix JetCard 5400-w Embedded Linux PCI-104 Single Board Computer

The RISC-based Korenix JetCard 5400-w is an embedded Linux single board computer (SBC). The JetCard 5400-w has an operating temperature range of -40 to +80 °C. The PCI-104 single board computer features five RJ45 Ethernet ports, one console port, one USB port, and advanced Layer-3 Router functionalities to efficiently manage extended network groups. The Ethernet ports of JetCard 5400-w are available for IPC to function as an Industrial Ethernet Switch without extra Ethernet devices (saving installation costs).

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Korenix JetBox 5300-w Embedded Linux Computer

Korenix introduced the JetBox 5300-w embedded Linux computer. The JetBox 5300-w has an operating temperature of -40 to 80 °C. The fanless computer features redundant dual power inputs, two LAN ports, two USB ports, two RS232/422/485, and two RS232 serial ports. In addition, the compact JetBox 5300-w offers four DI and four DO channels for integrating alarms, indicators, and sensors into complex networking system. The RISC-based computer is ideal for front-end industrial control deployments (such as open-pit mines, railcars, railways, and public utilities).

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