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DDC-I Deos RTOS Supports Freescale e300 and e500 Cores

The Deos real-time operating system and OpenArbor development tool suite are now available for the Freescale Semiconductor e300 and e500 cores. Deos running on the PowerQUICC II Pro and PowerQUICC III processors is an ideal platform for developing and hosting mil/aero and other safety-critical applications — especially those requiring high design assurance and timely DO-178B certification.

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McObject eXtremeDB 4.0 Real-Time Embedded Database Systems

McObject introduced version 4.0 of eXtremeDB. Using McObject’s eXtremeDB, developers eliminate the need to create custom data management code, reducing development and support costs for real-time systems and gaining higher performance. McObject 4.0 is ideal for a wide array of markets including financial services, industrial control, defense and aerospace, web services, telecommunications, and consumer electronics.

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