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Wind River VxWorks 6.8 Real-time Operating System

Wind River introduced version 6.8 of the VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) for embedded systems. VxWorks 6.8 features improvements in multicore support and fundamental operating system features, decreased time-to-market while lowering costs, and improved quality for device manufacturers. VxWorks 6.8 is available now worldwide as part of VxWorks Edition 3.8.

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Aonix ObjectAda Real-Time Targets Intel x86 Running Wind Rivers VxWorks

Aonix launched ObjectAda Real-Time 8.4 for Windows. The release targets Intel x86 architecture embedded and real-time systems running the Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS). ObjectAda Real-Time for Windows x Intel/VxWorks consists of a fully compliant ACATS 2.5 Ada 95 compiler plus supporting tools. It is compatible with Wind River’s VxWorks environment, which comprises the VxWorks operating system and the VxWorks cross development toolset. ObjectAda Real-Time targeting the Intel x86 architecture running Wind Rivers’ VxWorks is immediately available.

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Wind River and PrismTech Software Defined Radio Solution

Wind River teamed with PrismTech to develop a high-performance software defined radio (SDR) solution for the military and public sectors. According to testing conducted by PrismTech, the combined SDR solution has demonstrated breakthrough performance on multiple processors from Freescale and Intel, including round trip times of less than 10 seconds to power up, initialize the platform, load waveform components, unload waveform components, and shut down the radio. The Wind River and PrismTech SDR solution is immediately available to customers worldwide.

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