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Portwell Debuts Shoebox, Desktop, Rack Mount, Fanless WADE-8015 Embedded Systems

Portwell 2U Rack Mount WEBS-80152U

American Portwell Technology introduced the WADE-8015 embedded system product family. The WADE-8015 features the fourth generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 processors. The WADE-8015 expansion boards enable engineers to simplify their operation and inventory efforts by offering various product solutions built with one and the same board. The family consists of the Shoebox WEBS-8015S, Desktop WEBS-8015D, 2U Rack Mount WEBS-80152U, and fanless WEBS-3583.

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ACROSSER AR-R5100FL Network Appliance

The ACROSSER AR-R5100FL is a 1U 19″ rack mount solutions that features the Intel EP80579 integrated processor and Intel QuickAssist Technology. The AR-R5100FL network appliance is ideal for VPN (Virtual Private Network), Firewall, and Anti-Spam mail server etc. System integrators can easily develop their application with Intel QuickAssist technology to maximize the performance. The AR-R5100FL is available now.

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