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Signatec PX1500-2 A/D Board

Signatec introduced the PX1500-2, which is a PCIe-based wideband A/D board. The PX1500-2 captures two synchronized analog channels at sampling rates up to 1.5 GHz, or one channel up to 3 GHz when interleaving the ADC data. The Signatec PX1500-2 features 1 GB on-board memory (configured as a large FIFO) and a PCIe x8 bus. It can continuously sustain long recordings at up to 1.4 GB/s through the PCIe x8 bus (both mechanical and electrical) to PC disk storage without any break in the analog record. Signatec’s PX1500-2 is currently shipping with a 10 week delivery forecast.

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