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GE bCOM6-P1100 COM Express Module Supports Freescale PowerPC Processor

GE Intelligent Platforms bCOM6-P1100 Rugged Type 6 COM Express Module

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the bCOM6-P1100 Rugged Type 6 COM Express Module. The bCOM6-P1100 supports the Freescale PowerPC processor. It is ideal for harsh commercial environments such as mining, forestry, construction, oil & gas, food & beverage, networking, industrial automation control and power & energy.

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SYSGO Releases ELinOS 5.2 Industrial Grade Linux

SYSGO launched version 5.2 of the ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux. ELinOS 5.2 includes new features and up to date components to the ELinOS embedded Linux product line. ELinOS v5.2 features over 230 new or updated packages. The embedded Linux development environment is available now. The six families of supported processors are the x86, x86_64, PowerPC, ARM, SPARC V8 and MIPS32. ELinOS 5.2 is available for Linux and Windows hosted platforms.

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FemtoLinux – Linux for Real-time Embedded Systems

FemtoLinux is a new Linux flavor optimized for real-time embedded systems. With FemtoLinux, critical Linux applications run in kernel mode. This results a low system call and interrupt-to-application latency and overhead. FemtoLinux also simplifies RTOS-to-Linux porting significantly — RTOS applications can be ported to embedded Linux without drastic changes to the software architecture. FemtoLinux is available now for the ARM architecture. MIPS and PowerPC ports are in the works.

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AppliedMicro Power Architecture 405 and 460 Low Power Processors

AppliedMicro introduced low-power versions of the Power Architecture 405EX, 405EXr, 460EX, 460EXr, and 460GT microprocessors. The new processors have been optimized for low-power consumption (consume up to 40% less power for a variety of embedded applications). The low-power versions of AppliedMicro’s Power Architecture 405EX, 405EXr, 460EX, 460EXr, and 460GT microprocessors are now available in production quantities.

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