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VIA Technologies Introduces VAB-820 Pico-ITX Embedded ARM Board

VIA Technologies VAB-820 Pico-ITX embedded ARM board

VIA Technologies introduced the quad core VAB-820 Pico-ITX embedded ARM board. The VAB-820 module features a 1GHz quad core Freescale iMX 6Quad ARM Cortex-A9 processor. Sample units of the VIA VAB-820 Pico-ITX board are available now. The module is ideal for advanced industrial, energy management and in-vehicle applications.

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Kontron Introduces KTAM33874/pITX Motherboard

Kontron KTAM33874/pITX motherboard

Kontron introduced their KTAM33874/pITX motherboard. The KTAM33874/pITX features the TI Sitara 3874 processor. It offers tablet PC class performance and a comprehensive range of standard and embedded computing interfaces. The extended temperature motherboard supports Linux, Android and Windows WEC7. It has a minimum of 7 years long-term availability and is available now.

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Axiomtek PICO822 Pico-ITX Motherboard Supports Intel Atom E620T, E680T

Axiomtek PICO822 Pico-ITX motherboard

Axiomtek introduced the PICO822 Pico-ITX motherboard. The compact board supports the ultra low power Intel Atom processor E620T 600 MHz and E680T 1.6 GHz with the Intel Platform Controller Hub EG20T. The Axiomtek PICO822 single board computer is available now. The embedded SBC is ideal for in-vehicle PCs, medical imaging, in-flight entertainment systems, industrial automation systems, and the portable devices.

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VIA ARMOS-800 Embedded System Features Freescale ARM Cortex-A8 SoC

VIA VIA ARMOS-800 embedded system

VIA Technologies introduced the VIA ARMOS-800 embedded system. The fanless embedded computer supports the VIA VAB-800 Pico-ITX board. The ARM-based system features an 800MHz Freescale ARM Cortex-A8 SoC, 4GB of eMMC Flash, on-board USB pin-header and MicroSD Card slot. The VIA ARMOS-800 is ideal for industrial embedded applications where robustness is critical.

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VIA Technologies Introduces EPIA-P910 Pico-ITX Board

VIA EPIA-P910 Pico-ITX Board

VIA Technologies introduced their EPIA-P910 Pico-ITX board. The VIA EPIA-P910 features a 1.0GHz VIA QuadCore E-Series processor, the latest VIA VX11H MSP, up 8GB of 1333MHz DDR3 memory, HD audio, HDMI, VGA and LVDS display connectivity, and the VIA Chromotion 5.0 video processor. The new Pico-ITX board is ideal for health-care, logistics, and fleet management applications.

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VIA Technologies Introduces VAB-800 Pico-ITX Embedded ARM Board

VIA VAB-800 Pico-ITX embedded ARM board

VIA Technologies introduced their VAB-800 Pico-ITX embedded ARM board. The VIA VAB-800 module features a Freescale ARM Cortex-A8 processor, Mini HDMI, VGA display port, four USB 2.0 ports, 10/100 Ethernet port, up to 64GB eMMC Flash memory, 1GB DDR3 SDRAM, support for a SATA port, two single channel LVDS display ports, two COM ports, CAN Bus, front pin headers for line-in/out and MIC-in, SDIO pin header and eight GPIOs. The VIA VAB-800 Pico-ITX board is sampling now.

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VIA Technologies Introduces AMOS-3002 Embedded System

VIA Technologies AMOS-3002 embedded system

VIA Technologies introduced their AMOS-3002 embedded system. The VIA AMOS-3002 features the VIA EPIA-P900 Pico-ITX board, 1.0GHz VIA Eden X2 dual core processor, VIA VX900H media system processor (MSP), Cfast slot, two COM ports, six USB 2.0 ports, line-in/out, DIO port, VGA port, HDMI port and two GLAN ports. The fanless VIA AMOS-3002 is ideal for embedded applications like telematics, in-vehicle control, machine to machine controller (M2M), digital signage and kiosks.

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COMMELL LP-180 Debuts Industrial Grade Pico-ITX Motherboard

Taiwan Commate Computer Inc. (COMMELL) introduced their LP-180 Pico-ITX motherboard. The industrial-grade LP-180 features the AMD dual-core 1.65GHz 18W TDP T56N APU, AMD A55E Fusion Controller Hub, AMD Radeon HD 6320, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, two RS232, SATAII interface on-board, Intel 82583 Giga LAN, four USB2.0 ports, HD audio, and PCIE mini card socket. The COMMELL LP-180 is ideal for limited space control systems, such as digital signage, thin client, information kiosk, point-of-sale, casino gaming and industrial control systems.

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Axiomtek PICO100 Single Board Computer

Axiomtek introduced their PICO100 single board computer. The Pico-ITX SBC features the single core AMD G-Series APU T40R or dual core T40E, Fusion Controller Hub A50M chipset, onboard SO-DIMM socket (up to 4GB of DDR3 1066 memory), integrated with Radeon HD 6250 graphics controller, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, two COM ports, four USB 2.0 ports, SATA-600, CompactFlash Type-II socket, PS/2 keyboard/mouse, and HD audio. The Axiomtek will be available at the end of January 2012. It is ideal for car PCs, in-flight entertainment systems, and portable devices like thin clients and high-end medical imaging devices.

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VIA EPIA-P900 Pico-ITX Mainboard

VIA Technologies introduced the EPIA-P900 Pico-ITX mainboard. The VIA EPIA-P900 features a 1.0GHz VIA Eden X2 CPU, VIA VX900H Media System Processor, up to 4GB of DDR3 memory, HD audio, HDMI, VGA and LVDS display connectivity, VIA ChromotionHD 2.0 video engine, GigaLAN port, seven USB 2.0 ports, LPC connector, SMBus connector, PS/2 support, audio jacks, LVDS, four pairs of DIO and two UART ports. The VIA EPIA-P900 Pico-ITX board is ideal for health-care, logistics, fleet management, digital signage display and kiosk applications.

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