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ACCES I/O PCIe-DIO-48S PCI Express Digital I/O Card

ACCES I/O Products introduced the PCIe-DIO-48S PCI Express Digital I/O Card. The PCIe-DIO-48S is a 48-channel PCI Express (PCIe) card designed for use in a variety of digital I/O applications. The digital I/O is compatible with 8255 PPI (mode 0) and is easy to program and migrate from other ACCES PCI digital I/O cards. The card features a x1 lane PCI Express connector which can be used in any x1 or higher PCI Express slot. The PCIe-DIO-48S is ideal for applications sensing inputs such as switch closures, TTL, LVTTL, CMOS logic and controlling external relays, and driving indicator lights. The PCIe-DIO-48S 48-Channel PCI Express digital I/O card is available now for $379.00

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