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Radicom Research Unveils RB510 and RB510HM Embedded Bluetooth Modules

Radicom Research RB510 Embedded Bluetooth Modules for OEM's

Radicom Research introduced the RB510 Embedded Bluetooth Modules for OEM’s. The RB510 series Bluetooth audio module features an embedded DSP core, stereo CODEC, flash and antenna. The chip is available now. Prices start at $13 each (in quantity of 1,000). The Radicom RB510 modules are ideal for high quality Bluetooth headset designs and other mono and stereo audio applications.

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Mantracourt T24-PA Wireless Pulse Acquisition Module

Mantracourt introduced their T24-PA wireless pulse acquisition module. The T24-PA is designed for the collection and processing of pulse related measurements. It enables the remote monitoring of processes that have a periodic nature, such as motor, shaft or flow meter rotation. The Mantracourt module transmits on license-free 2.4Ghz, and avoids local radio interference to ensure data integrity and security. The T24-PA wireless pulse measuring device is also available in IP rated enclosures.

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Atmel SAM3S Cortex-M3 Flash Microcontrollers

Atmel introduced the SAM3S Series of highly-integrated Cortex-M3 Flash microcontrollers (MCUs). The SAM3S series includes 18 general-purpose Cortex-M3 based Flash microcontrollers that improve impedance matching, simplify PCB design, and save 50% power at 1 MHz operation with a consumption of only 2.3 mW. The SAM3S is available in Flash memory densities of 64k, 128k, and 256k Bytes and ships in 48-, 64- and 100-pin QFP, 48- and 64-pin QFN packages, and in 100-pin 0.8 mm pitch BGA packages. Sampling starts with the 256 kByte Flash memory density parts in 64- and 100-pin QFP packages. Production volumes will be available in Q2 2010, with prices ranging from $2.50 USD to $4.45 USD in quantities of 10k units.

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