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Conemtech M50-34 Packet Network Synchronization Module

Conemtech introduced the M50-34 module for high accuracy time and frequency synchronization. The M50-34 enables any device with an Ethernet interface to synchronize to a PTP master clock in the network at 100ns accuracy by just re-wiring the Ethernet interface. The M50-34 reduces the components count, simplifies the layout and lowers the board manufacturing cost for products requiring external packet based synchronization. The M50-34 will be sampling by end of this month.

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Renesas R8A20410BG Ternary Content Addressable Memory

Renesas Technology America announced the R8A20410BG, which is the first member of the TCAM (Ternary CAM) Series. The R8A20410BG TCAM has a capacity of 20 Mbits and a high-speed search performance of up to 360 MSPS (mega-searches per second)/Table. The R8A20410BG allows expansion up to 40 Mbits through cascade connections. The package is a 576-pin FCBGA (flip chip BGA) measuring 27 mm × 27 mm. Sample shipments will begin this month.

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PMC-Sierra PM5422 META 20G for Carrier Ethernet Switch and Router

PMC-Sierra rolled out the PM5422 META 20G device for Carrier Ethernet Switch and Router (CESR) equipment. The META 20G connects Carrier Ethernet Switch and Router (CESR) equipment to Metro Optical Transport Networks (ITU-T G.709 OTN). The PM5422 META 20G integrates Carrier Ethernet mapping and framing of 10GE LAN and WAN, and OTN mapping of IP-services such as Storage Area Networks (SAN) and video protocols, while maintaining support for deployed technologies such as Packet over SONET/SDH (POS). The PM5422 META 20G devices are available in 27mm x 27mm 672 ball FCBGA packages.

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