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Analog Devices ADG4612 and ADG4613 Power-Off Protection Switches

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announced their ADG4612 and ADG4613 power-off protection switches. Standard switches can be either open or closed when no power supply is present. The ADG4612 and ADG4613 guarantee an off-state in the absence of a power supply. This prevents potentially damaging current from flowing to circuit boards. The ADI DG4612 and ADG4613 switches also feature overvoltage protection, which can block signal levels up to 16 V in the off state. The switches are ideal for applications where analog signals may be present at the switch inputs before the power supply voltage is on, or where the user has no control over the power supply sequence. They are priced at $1.87 (each per 1,000).

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