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NXP LPC1769 and LPC1759 Microcontrollers

NXP Semiconductors introduced the LPC1769 and LPC1759 microcontrollers that operate at 120 MHz. With 256-point 16-bit FFT execution time of less than 190 µs, this is 54% faster than the nearest Cortex-M3 alternative and challenges low-cost DSPs in performance. For 1024-point 16-bit FFT the execution time is less than 0.89 ms. These times include the FFT initialization and overhead of the algorithm. The LPC1769 and LPC1759 microcontrollers are available now with recommended distribution pricing in 10,000 quantities starting at just over $4 (US).

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NXP Semiconductors PNX5130 3DTV Processor

The PNX5130, from NXP Semiconductors, a video co-processor for enabling 3DTV, frame-rate conversion (FRC), and local backlight dimming in a single chip. The PNX5130 eliminates the need for external FPGA devices to support 3DTV. The PNX5130 enables conversion of all popular 3DTV formats to both line and frame interleaved displays, and is designed for maximum flexibility to support emerging 3DTV standards. Engineering samples of the PNX5130 are available immediately. The final software release will be available in Q1 2010.

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NXP LPC1100 ARM Cortex-M0 Microcontrollers

The NXP LPC1100 is a family of ARM Cortex-M0 based microcontrollers. According to NXP, the LPC1100 is the lowest-priced 32-bit MCU solution in the market. Recommended distribution unit pricing in 10,000 piece quantities for the 33-pin package is: LPC1111FHN33/101 at US$0.65, LPC1112FHN33/101 at $0.75, LPC1113FHN33/201 at $0.85, and LPC1114FHN33/201 at $0.95, with Flash sizes of 8K, 16K, 24K and 32K respectively. In addition, 48-pin LPQFP and PLCC44 packages will be available for socketed applications. The NXP LPC1100 family will be available in early December 2009.

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