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GE Intelligent Platforms Unveils IPN251 6U OpenVPX GPGPU Multiprocessor

GE Intelligent Platforms rugged IPN251 6U OpenVPX GPGPU Multiprocessor

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced their rugged IPN251 6U OpenVPX GPGPU Multiprocessor. The GE IPN251 is a second generation 6U OpenVPX multiprocessor module. The board combines the latest NVIDIA 384-core Kepler GPU with the 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 CPU. It fits in a single VPX slot. The IPN251 module is ideal for defense prime contractors and systems integrators.

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Kontron Introduces ARM-based KTT30/mITX Embedded Motherboard

Kontron embedded motherboard KTT30/mITX

Kontron introduced the ARM based KTT30/mITX embedded motherboard. The KTT30/mITX includes an ARM Cortex-A9 Quad Core 900MHz processor with NEON technology. The Kontron embedded motherboard features the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, HDMI 1.4a and 24-bit LVDS video interfaces, three USB 2.0 ports, two RS232, two PCIe slots, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port and analog audio I/O’s. It supports Android and Linux. The Kontron embedded motherboard KTT30/mITX is available now.

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GE Announces GRA112 3U VPX Graphics Board

GE GRA112 3U VPX Graphics Board

GE introduced their GRA112 3U VPX Graphics Board. The GE GRA112 features a 384-core NVIDIA Kepler architecture-based EXK107 GPU, PCI Express Gen 3 interconnect, and 2 GBytes of GDDR5 memory. The graphics board is ideal for both demanding graphical applications and GPGPU (general purpose computing on a graphics processing unit) applications like ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance), radar and sonar.

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MSC Q7-NT2 ARM-based Qseven Module

MSC Vertriebs GmbH announced the MSC Q7-NT2 ARM processor based Qseven module. The MSC Q7-NT2 features the NVIDIA Tegra 290 low-power processor, three PCI Express x 1 channels, up to four USB 2.0 hosts, USB OTG port, serial UART interface, AC 97 audio, 10/100/1000 Base-T Fast Ethernet (IEEE1588 Real Time), I2C (400Kbit/s) and SPI. The Qseven module is ideal for visualization, digital signage, multimedia, entertainment, Internet TV, and harsh industrial applications. The MSC board supports Microsoft Windows CE operating system and Linux.

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Habey EPC-6568 Embedded System for Digital Signage

Habey USA introduced the EPC-6568 embedded system. The EPC-6568 media player system features the MITX-6564 mini-ITX board, NVIDIA ION GPU and Intel D510 dual core Atom processor. The on board NVIDIA discrete GPU with its dedicated 512 MB DDR3 memory improves the graphic performance by 10 times of integrated graphics. The dual core Atom D510 delivers full parallel execution of multiple software threads, enabling higher levels of performance. The EPC-6568 is ideal for full HD media player systems, kiosk, digital signage, POS, and other embedded applications.

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GE NPN240 OpenVPX Multi-Processor for Embedded Systems

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the 6U OpenVPX NPN240 multi-processor for embedded systems. The rugged GPGPU (general purpose computing on a graphics processing unit) features two NVIDIA CUDA-capable GT240 96-core GPUs. Depending on the application, up to 750 GFLOPS peak per card slot is possible. Multiple NPN240s can be linked to single or multiple hosts to create multi-node CUDA GPU clusters capable of thousands of GFLOPS. Supported software includes Linux, Windows, Microsoft DirectX, OpenCL, OpenGL, MATLAB, PureVideo and PhysX.

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SolidLogic ION GS-L05 System

Logic Supply introduced the rugged SolidLogic ION GS-L05 fanless system. The SolidLogic ION-GS-L05 is available with two mainboard options: one features the Atom 230 CPU and wide input power supply options via the direct-plug picoPSU power supplies and the other features the Atom dual core 330 CPU, onboard power source, and included wireless card with antenna. Dual core system price starts at $485.00 and includes RAM, HDD, and power supply.

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GE Fanuc SE 2 6U VME Graphics Platform

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms introduced the SE 2 high performance 6U VME rugged graphics platform. The SE 2 features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor operating at up to 2.26GHz, an NVIDIA graphics processor (G72 or G73), and a 10 Gigabit Ethernet network interface card. The SE 2 is ideal for demanding graphics-intensive applications that will be deployed in harsh environments. Software support includes Wind River’s VxWorks 6.6, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux. The availability of OpenGL drivers under VxWorks means that certification to DO-178B is achievable.

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GE Fanuc GRA111 3U VPX Graphics Board

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms rolled out the OpenVPX-compatible GRA111 high performance graphics board. The GRA111 features NVIDIA’s new GT 240 GPU (graphics processing unit). It is the first rugged implementation of a CUDA-capable GPU. The GRA111 is the first member of GE Fanuc’s CUDA-enabled products family for military and aerospace embedded computing. The GRA111 board brings supercomputing capability to applications and environments that require leading edge processing such as radar, signals intelligence, and video surveillance and interpretation.

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