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Acrosser Technology Introduces AR-R6102 Network Security Platform

Acrosser Technology AR-R6102 Network Security Platform

Acrosser Technology introduced the AR-R6102 Network Security Platform. The AR-R6102 series is base on the Intel C206 Cougar Point platform. The network appliance features six on board Giga bits Ethernet ports, two Network Interface Card (NIC) slots, two USB ports, a RJ-45 console port, and a LCD display. The AR-R6102 is available now.

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Lanner Electronics FW-8760 Network Security Appliance

Lanner Electronics announced the FW-8760 network security appliance. The FW-8760 supports the 32nm Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processors. The network appliance features the Intel 3450 Chipset, 8 Ethernet ports, 16 GB of RAM, mini PCI and PCIe slots. It is ideal for network security applications, IPS, UTM, Firewall, and WAN Acceleration.

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