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ADLINK Matrix MXE-1200 Embedded Computer

ADLINK Technology rolled out the MXE-1200 embedded computer. The ADLINK Matrix MXE-1200 features twelve COM ports, a mini-PCIe socket, a USIM socket, and a pre-installed SMA-to-IPEX antenna cable. Two of the COM ports can be configured to RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 via a BIOS setting. Another two are RS-232 COM ports (COM3 and COM4). The remaining eight COM ports are either RS-232 (MXE-1212/232), RS-422 (MXE-1212/422) or RS-485 (MXE-1212/485). The MXE-1200 embedded system is available now for $828. The ADLINK Matrix MXE-1200 embedded computer is ideal for intelligent transportation, factory automation, home security, environmental monitoring, toll gate controllers, automatic fare collection systems, and smart grids.

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