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Texas Instruments Launches MSP430F525x Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments (TI) MSP430F525x microcontrollers

Texas Instruments introduced their MSP430F525x microcontrollers. The new TI MCU devices reduce power consumption in “always on” applications like smart phones, tablets and accessories. Developers who transfer sensor hub, keyboard control and battery/power management functionalities to MSP430F525x MCUs can create portable consumer devices that put power-hungry application processors and touch screen controllers on standby instead of draining the system’s battery. The MSP430F525x MCUs are available now. Prices start at $2.61 for 1K units.

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Texas Instruments Launches MSP430F66xx Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments introduced their MSP430F66xx microcontrollers. The new TI MCU devices feature embedded 512K Flash, 64K RAM, integrated analog, 160-segment LCD driver and USB. The microcontrollers are code and pin compatible with MSP430F663x microcontrollers, which offer 256K Flash and 16k RAM. MSP430F66xx MCUs are priced from $4.25 in volume units. Samples are now available.

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Texas Instruments Announces Wolverine Microcontroller Platform

Texas Instruments introduced their new Wolverine MSP430 microcontroller platform. The TI ultra-low-power microcontroller consumes 50% less power than any other MCU in the industry (360 nA real-time clock mode and less than 100 µA/MHz active power consumption). The first devices based on this platform will be the MSP430FR58xx microcontroller series. They will be available for sampling in June 2012.

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Texas Instruments MSP430G2xx2 Value Line Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments (TI) rolled out 64 new ultra-low-power MSP430 Value Line microcontrollers (MCUs) that offer 16-bit performance at an 8-bit price. The MSP430G2xx2 MCUs feature integrated capacitive touch IOs, which enable developers to interface directly with capacitive touch pads without additional hardware and components. The TI G2xx2 MCU Value Line also include extra package and memory options. Samples are available now. The new MSP430G2xx2 MCUs are priced from $0.33 for 100K units.

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Texas Instruments MSP430 Microcontroller Value Line

Texas Instruments introduced the MSP430 microcontroller (MCU) Value Line that offers 16-bit MCU performance and ultra-low power consumption at ultra-low 8-bit MCU prices. The new MSP430G2xx MCUs are code compatible across the MSP430 MCU platform, enabling easy code migration and upgrades to higher-end devices as application requirements evolve. The MSP430G2xx microcontrollers are priced from $0.25 for 100K units. Samples can be ordered now. The roadmap includes over 100 devices to be released during the next 15 months.

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