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MontaVista Stack Connects Dell Latitude ON

MontaVista Software teamed with Dell to develop the software stack for Latitude ON, which is an instant, always on connection to email, Web, contacts, and calendar. The software stack is built on the MontaVista Montabello MID platform. The stack provides the advanced power management, fast startup, and connectivity management required by Latitude ON users.

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New Market Specific Distributions for MontaVista Linux 6

MontaVista Software announced new Market Specific Distributions (MSDs) for MontaVista Linux 6. The new MSDs offer support for industrial automation, automotive, Android, portable multimedia devices, and multicore networking applications. All the new MSDs will be available this quarter and support processors from Cavium, Freescale, Intel, and Texas Instruments. Current roadmap calls for similar market focused releases each quarter.

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MontaVista Carrier Grade Edition Linux 5.1

MontaVista Software rolled out version 5.1 of Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) Linux. Over 30 different Linux Support Packages (LSP’s) are available immediately for CGE 5.1. The latest release of CGE Linux supports next generation 4G wireless networks including LTE and WiMAX. CGE 5.1 includes full integration of the OpenSAF high availability middleware consistent with Service Availability Forum specifications. CGE 5.1 is the only carrier grade Linux to be compliant with Carrier Grade Linux, IPv6, and Linux Standard Base certifications.

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