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u-blox LISA-C2 Wireless Voice and Data Modem Module

u-blox introduced the LISA-C200 wireless voice and data modem module. The u-blox LISA-C2 series provides dual-band CDMA2000 1xRTT data and voice communication in a SMT form factor. The modules are fully qualified and certified modules. They feature low power consumption and a rich set of Internet protocols. Samples of LISA-C200 will be available in the first quarter of next year. They are ideal for M2M and automotive applications like Fleet management, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), people and asset tracking, surveillance and security and Point of Sales (PoS) terminals.

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u-blox N731 UMTS/HSPA Modem Reference Design

u-blox announced the N731 UMTS/HSPA modem reference design. The high-speed wireless connectivity reference design features full High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) capabilities: 7.2 Mb/s download and 5.8 Mb/s upload speeds. The N731 is a design that combines a baseband processor, RF transceiver, antenna multiplexer, and power amplifier components to support eight bands of HSPA / UMTS / EDGE / GPRS / GSM functionality including data, voice, and SMS.

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u-blox LUCY Family of High Speed Wireless Modules

u-blox introduced the LUCY family of high-speed wireless modules. LUCY is based on UMTS/HSDPA and supports the world’s fastest globally adopted mobile communications standard. LUCY is ideal for M2M applications like high-bandwidth multimedia systems for mobile Internet and VoIP routing, in-car multimedia, streaming video for remote media panels, and transfer of large data volumes for medical diagnostics, security and surveillance.

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