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VIA EPIA-T700 Mobile-ITX Module

VIA Technologies introudced the EPIA-T700 Mobile-ITX module. The VIA EPIA-T700 computer-on-module is ideal for ultra-compact embedded devices in medical, military, and in-vehicle applications. The board is powered by a specially miniaturized, fanless 1GHz VIA Eden ULV processor and the compact VIA VX820 MSP. The VIA EPIA-T700 can be used with a variety of carrier boards that can be adapted and customized to meet the needs of a range of applications. The VIA EPIA-T700 Mobile-ITX module features 512MB of DDR2 on-board system memory.

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VIA Mobile-ITX Open Form Factor Specification for Embedded Devices

VIA Technologies developed the Mobile-ITX open form factor specification for the creation of ultra-compact and portable embedded devices. Mobile-ITX defines a uniquely compact 6cm x 6cm computer-on-module specification designed to enable an easier and less resource intensive development cycle for a range of ultra-compact, portable embedded systems. The VIA Embedded Platform Division will announce the first commercial CPU module based on the Mobile-ITX form factor in Q1 2010.

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