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Kontron Introduces ApexVX Multi-mission Rugged Computer System

Kontron ApexVX multi-mission rugged computer system

Kontron introduced the ApexVX multi-mission rugged computer system. The embedded system is ideal for mission-critical applications in airborne systems, mobile military vehicles, precision-guided munitions, electronic warfare, UAVs and C4ISR. First samples of the new Kontron ApexVX multi-mission, rugged computer system are available now. The system can be ordered as a pre-qualified system compliant to relevant MIL and AERO standards such as MIL-STD810 E for shock, vibration, humidity, salt fog and MIL-STD461-E for EMC/RFI.

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Texas Instruments TMS320C66x Multicore Digital Signal Processors

Texas Instruments announced the TMS320C66x multicore digital signal processors. The multicore TI C66x DSP devices are based on the KeyStone multicore architecture. The C66x family include the TMS320C6671 (one core), TMS320C6672 (two cores), TMS320C6674 (four cores) and TMS320C6678 (eight cores) digital signal processors. Each high-speed core (1.5 GHz, 1.25 GHz or 1 GHz) is a true fixed- and floating-point DSP. The TI DSPs are ideal for software defined radios (SDRs), radar, surveillance and imaging cameras.

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Microsemi LXMG1645 Quad-lamp CCFL Backlight Inverters

Microsemi rolled out their LXMG1645 quad-lamp CCFL backlight inverters. The LXMG1645 family features StayLIT fault-management, which enables multi-lamp displays to continue operating, even during individual or multi lamp failures. The family includes the LXMG1645-12-xx (supports 12 V inputs) and the LXMG1645-24-xx (supports 24 V inputs). The devices are ideal for LCD panels used in health monitoring, ATMs and other mission-critical applications. The LXMG1645 quad-lamp CCFL backlight inverters are in full production.

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Moxa ioPAC-8020 Modular RTU Controller

The Moxa ioPAC-8020 modular RTU controller is an industrial-grade platform for data acquisition and monitoring. The ioPAC-8020 can be connected to fixed devices such as PLCs, smart meters and other serial devices. It has an operating temperature of -40 to 75°C. The ioPAC-8020 is compliant with the EN50155 railway standard and available with a DIN-Rail mounting kit. It is ideal for rolling stock, wayside cabinet, roadside, environmental monitoring, and train monitoring applications.

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Matrox Extio F2408 KVM Extender for Mission-Critical Applications

Matrox Graphics introduced the Extio F2408 remote graphics solution. The Matrox Extio F2408 separates up to four high resolution displays plus USB keyboard, mouse, and other HIDs from the host system by up to 1 kilometer (3280 feet) via fiber-optic cable. The Extio F2408 can connect up to eight displays (resolutions up to 2560×1600 per monitor) with the optional Matrox Extio F2408 Expander. The Matrox Extio F2408is dieal for process control rooms, dispatch centers, and other mission-critical applications. The Matrox Extio F2408 and Matrox Extio F2408 Expander will be available next month.

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ITTIA DB SQL Embedded Relational Database for QNX Neutrino RTOS

ITTIA DB SQL is now available for the QNX Neutrino Real-time Operating System (RTOS). ITTIA DB SQL is a database for special-purpose systems that require self-contained data management software. A free evaluation of ITTIA DB SQL for the QNX Neutrino RTOS is available now. The evaluation kit contains a complete embedded database library, optional server, support for both on-disk and in-memory data management and SQL tools.

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