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COMMELL MPX-3132 External Serial ATA PCI Express Mini Card

Taiwan Commate Computer Inc.(COMMELL) introduced the MPX-3132 2-port External Serial ATA (eSATA) Host Bus Adapter PCI Express mini card. The MPX-3132 PCI Express mini card supports dual-port External SATA II, enabling system integrator to get to market quickly and take full advantage of the speed and plug-and-play convenience of external SATA.

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COMMELL MPX-7202 PCI Express Mini Card

COMMELL (Taiwan Commate Computer Inc.) introduced their MPX-7202 USB 3.0 Super-Speed PCI Express mini card. The MPX-7202 board features up to 5 Gbps data transfer when connecting to USB 3.0 compliant peripherals (10 times faster throughput than USB 2.0 standard). The card maintains compatibility with existing USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 peripheral devices.

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COMMELL MPX-643 IEEE 1394b PCI Express Mini Card

Taiwan Commate Computer Inc. (COMMELL) introduced the MPX-643 IEEE 1394b PCI Express mini card. The MPX-643 is based on LSI’s FW643 device, which is a single-chip solution integrating PCI Express bus and 1394b functions. MPX-643 offers one 400Mbits/1394a and two 800Mbits/1394b ports for high-speed connectivity that provides plug and play for FireWire devices and peripherals for Windows operating systems. The OS will detect the card presence and load appropriate drivers automatically. Driver for Linux is also available.

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