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Atmel SAM9M10e ARM926EJ-based Embedded Microprocessor

Atmel introduced the SAM9M10e ARM926EJ-based embedded microprocessor (MPU). The SAM9M10e integrates a video decoder and 2D acceleration (scaling, rotating, color space conversion, picture in picture) to provide high-quality video performance in industrial embedded applications. The SAM9M10 is ideal for media rich display and control panels in application segments such as home and commercial buildings, POS (Point of Sale) terminals, entertainment systems, Internet appliances, and medical.

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Virage Logic ARC 601 32-bit Microprocessor Core

Virage Logic introduced the ARC 601 32-bit microprocessor core. The ARC 601 runs at 532MHz (1.2 DMIPS/MHz) and consumes only 13 µW/MHz in 65-nanometer (nm) process technology. The IP core is only 0.039 mm2 in size and will fit 2.5 times into the size of the dot (12 point font) at the end of a sentence. The processor is available now and has already been licensed to several of Virage Logic’s lead customers. The core is targeted at audio, imaging, portable, storage, consumer, wireless, and security applications.

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