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Texas Instruments Stellaris Robotic Evaluation Board

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced their Robotic Evaluation Board (EVALBOT) for use with Micrium’s uC/OS-III. EVALBOT is a mini robot that enables engineers to experience the Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3-based LM3S9B92 MCU in real-world applications. The evaluation kit includes all of the hardware and software required for quick assembly so that developers can begin evaluation in 10 minutes or less. The TI kit also includes a Stellaris-specific version of uC/OS-III: The Real-Time Kernel by Jean J. Labrosse. The Stellaris Robotic Evaluation Board plus Micrium’s uC/OS-III book package is priced at $199. The Stellaris Robotic Evaluation Board is priced at $149 US and can be purchased separately from the book.

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Micrium uC/OS-MPU Add-on

Micrium launched the µC/OS-MPU (Memory Protection Unit), which is an enhancement of uC/OS-II. The add-on is designed to protect the uC/OS-II internal memory from task memory areas. µC/OS-MPU introduces processes with a dedicated memory context. Each process, which can have one or more tasks assigned, is protected against memory corruption by other components. Shared memory regions can be created and assigned to different processes.

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