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Kontron Debuts KM2M806XT Machine-to-Machine System

Kontron introduced the KM2M806XT Machine-to-Machine (M2M) deployable system. The Kontron KM2M806XT is based on the Intel Atom 600 MHZ processor. It features three USB ports, accelerometer, dual HDMI, HD audio, GB Ethernet, and 4GB internal MicroSD card. The Kontron KM2M806XT is ideal for M2M applications that must operate in extended temperatures and industrial environments.

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Microchip Machine-to-Machine PICtail Daughter Board

Microchip Technology introduced Machine-to-Machine (M2M) PICtail Daughter Board. The M2M PICtail Daughter Board is ideal for developing fleet-management or location-based service applications. It includes the u-blox NEO-6Q GPS and LEON GSM/GPRS modules, and interfaces with Microchip’s Multimedia Expansion Board (part #DM320005), and PIC32 Starter Kit (part #DM320001). The M2M PICtail Daughter Board (part #AC320011) is priced at $199.

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STMicroelectronics ST32-M Low Power Processor Chip

STMicroelectronics introduced the ST32-M low-power processor chip. The ST32-M is ideal for managing SIM data for machine-to-machine (M2M) cellular communications. ST32-M devices will sample this quareter. Mass production in the DFN8 6 x 5mm package is expected to begin in Q1 2010. The ST32-M family complements the ST32 range (targeting classical Java SIM card ICs) and the ST33 family (for the highly secure SIM card market). The extended Flash cycling capabilities of the ST32-M family, when combined with application-specific software development, will allow Mobile Network Operators to achieve multi-million data cycles in harsh environments.

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