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Microchip MCP794XX Real-Time Clock/Calendar IC Family

Microchip Technology introduced their MCP794XX stand-alone I2C Real-Time Clock/Calendar (RTCC) family. The MCP794XX features on-chip EEPROM and SRAM, digital trimming for time-of-day calibration, battery-switchover, user-lockable section of EEPROM, 64-bit reprogrammable unique ID that can be factory-programmed with a MAC address. All six MCP794XX RTCC devices are available in 8-pin MSOP, SOIC, TSSOP and TDFN packages. The MCP79400 is priced at $0.64 each; the MCP79401, MCP79402 and MCP79410 at $0.70 each; and the MCP79411 and MCP79412 at $0.76 each, all in 10,000-unit quantities. The devices are ideal for smart-energy (thermostats, power meters and commercial refrigeration), home-appliance (stoves, dishwashers and microwave ovens), automotive (dashboard controls and car radios), and consumer-electronic markets (office equipment, irrigation controls and video systems).

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Microchip 24AA025E48 Cascadeable I2C Serial EEPROM

Microchip Technology introduced the 24AA025E48 cascadeable I2C serial EEPROM device. The EUI-64 compatible 24AA025E48 features pre-programmed EUI-48-node addresses. The EEPROM device enables designers to add MAC addresses to their designs on-the-fly. The address pins on the 24AA025E48 further enable designers to add more memory to their application, by allowing them to cascade up to eight EEPROM devices onto the I2C bus. The 24AA025E48 device is available in a 6-pin SOT-23 or 8-pin SOIC package, for $0.22 each in 10,000-unit quantities, for both package options.

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