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Logic Supply Introduces LGX AU970 Rugged Computer

LGX AU970 Rugged Computer rear

Logic Supply introduced the LGX AU970 Intel Core Fanless Computer. The LGX AU970 features a dual- or quad-core third-generation (Ivy Bridge mobile) Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPU, QM77 chipset, and up to 16 GB dual-channel 1333 DDR3 memory. The computer is ideal for demanding industrial applications like high-end automation, data collection and surveillance.

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Logic Supply Introduces LGX AU145 Embedded System

Logic Supply LGX AU145 embedded system

Logic Supply announced the LGX AU145 embedded system. The rugged system features the Intel Atom D2550 processor, GMA3650 integrated graphics card, two Gigabit ethernet ports, four USB 2.0 ports, two RJ45 COM ports, SD card slot, two antenna holes on either side, small footprint and extended temperature range. The embedded box is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Logic Supply Announces Nuvo-1300AF Fanless Embedded System

Logic Supply Nuvo-1300AF fanless embedded system

Logic Supply announced the Nuvo-1300AF embedded system. The Nuvo-1300AF fanless system features a first generation Intel Core i-series processor, Gb LAN, four RS-232 COM ports, eSATA, eight USB 2.0, DVI, VGA, and audio. It can be deployed in applications that require remote management of data and imagery, and is ideal for networking, surveillance, traffic control, and machine visions applications. The Nuvo-1300AF is available now.

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Extreme Environment PT912 Embedded System

Logic Supply announced the Extreme Environment PT912 embedded system. The PT912 features an Intel Core i5-520M processor, QM57 chipset, up to 4 GB of wide-temperature DDR3 RAM, four RS-232 COM ports, DisplayPort, digital I/O, dual Gb LAN and PCI Express x16 and x1 expansion. The Extreme Environment PT912 System is available now. Prices start at $2,699. It is ideal for aerospace, medical facilities, transportation, and factory floor applications.

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Logic Supply NC108-1HD Embedded System

Logic Supply announced their NC108-1HD embedded system. The NC108-1HD embedded computer features the 1.6 GHz AMD T56N embedded G-series Fusion APU, Nano-ITX motherboard, up to 4 GB SO-DIMM RAM, four USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, audio in/out, two DB9 punchouts, slim SATA storage device, and PCIe Mini Card slot. The new AMD Fusion embedded system is available now. It is ideal for commercial media player, digital signage and kiosk applications.

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Logic Supply Extended Temperature AU912 System

Logic Supply announced the Extended Temperature AU912 embedded system for demanding applications and environments. The AU912 is available with the Intel Celeron and Intel Core i5/i7 processors. The industrial system features up to four RS-232 COM ports, DisplayPort, Digital I/O, dual Gb LAN and PCI Express x16 and x1 expansion below the board. The Extended Temperature AU912 is now available. Prices start at $799.

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SolidLogic JT01 Ultra-slim, Fanless Intel Atom Embedded System

The SolidLogic JT01 is an ultra-slim, fanless Intel Atom embedded system. The JT01 is housed in a ruggedized, small-footprint enclosure. It can be deployed in industrial environments, public access areas, or remote locations. The SolidLogic JT01 is available for pre-order with the Intel D945GSEJT (Johnstown) Mini-ITX mainboard and comes standard with mounting brackets, RAM, and storage. System price starts at $299 and includes USB flash module, full system assembly, and hardware testing.

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SolidLogic ION GS-L05 System

Logic Supply introduced the rugged SolidLogic ION GS-L05 fanless system. The SolidLogic ION-GS-L05 is available with two mainboard options: one features the Atom 230 CPU and wide input power supply options via the direct-plug picoPSU power supplies and the other features the Atom dual core 330 CPU, onboard power source, and included wireless card with antenna. Dual core system price starts at $485.00 and includes RAM, HDD, and power supply.

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