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Analog Devices ADG5412 and ADG5413 Switches

Analog Devices announced the ADG5412 and ADG5413 switches that can prevent latch-up in high-voltage industrial applications operating up to ±20 V. The ADG5412 and ADG5413 are ideal for instrumentation, automotive, and other harsh environments that are prone to latch-up, which is an undesirable high-current state that can lead to device failure and persist until the power supply is turned off. The high voltage switches feature a 8-kV HBM (human body model) ESD (electrostatic discharge) rating. This helps shield equipment from excess current and eliminates the need for designers to install additional protection circuitry. The ADG5412 and ADG5413 switches are available now for $2.18 (price each per 1,000).

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