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Laird Technologies Launches BL600 Bluetooth Smart Modules

Laird Technologies BL600 Bluetooth Smart modules

Laird Technologies introduced the BL600 Bluetooth Smart modules. The device is ideal for adding single-mode Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), or Bluetooth Smart, to small, portable, power-conscious devices, including those powered by AAA or coin cell batteries. The Laird BL600 module is based on the award-winning Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 chipset.

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Laird Technologies WLM400/402 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Modules

Laird Technologies introduced the enhanced WLM400/402 802.11b/g Wireless LAN modules. The modules offer real throughput many times that of the sub-megabit range. The WLM400/402 modules are designed to make wireless integration simple with its data throughput, low-power consumption, and ease of use. The WLM400/402 is ideal for streaming wireless applications, whether as infrastructure connections or video cable replacements in ad-hoc mode.

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Laird Technologies BTM410/411 and BTM420/421 Bluetooth Radio Modules

The BTM410/411 and BTM420/421 Bluetooth radio modules, from Laird Technologies, are designed for data applications and are fully integrated, sub-miniature Bluetooth data-oriented modules. The Bluetooth modules feature a full Bluetooth stack, Serial Port Profile (SPP) support, UART interface, and a comprehensive AT command set to allow an easy interface to a host processor. It is the fastest method of adding a Bluetooth wireless data link to an embedded system with wireless connection.

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Laird Q Series Thermostatic Controller for Thermoelectric Assemblies

Laird Technologies introduced the Q Series Thermostatic Controller for Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEAs). The Q Series Thermostatic Controller is a microcontroller-based device that adds integrated temperature control to a TEA. The controller functions as a single directional unit that offers heating or cooling temperature control to the device. Products in this series include TC-18-QC-50 and TC-18-QE-50.

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