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Cortus Introduces APS3R 32-bit Embedded Microcontroller IP Core

Cortus APS3R embedded microcontroller IP core

Cortus introduced the APS3R embedded microcontroller. The processor core features a 32-bit modern RISC architecture with sixteen 32-bit registers and a 5-7 stage pipeline. Cortus developed the APS3R for applications requiring good computational performance and very low power. The IP core is ideal for wireless communication, sensing, smart cards, SIM cards, touchscreen controllers and energy harvesting applications. A dual core configuration is possible for demanding embedded applications.

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MIPS32 1074K Coherent Processing System

MIPS Technologies announced the MIPS32 1074K Coherent Processing System (CPS). The new processor is a fully-synthesizable multicore IP that approaches production frequencies of 1.5 GHz in 40nm G process. The MIPS 1074K CPS will be available in October 2010. Two initial versions of the 1074K CPS will be available: the MIPS32 1074Kc CPS, which provides a coherent processing system using base integer cores, and the MIPS32 1074Kf CPS, which includes a floating point unit (FPU) in each core.

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DarbeeVision DV3000 Visual Presence IP Core

DarbeeVision introduced the DV3000 Visual Presence IP core. The DV3000 inserts depth cues to create images that seem to pop off the screen. The DV3000 improves images by using digital logic to process an image in the same way a human brain does and then adding these results back into the original image, making them better than what the most camera and display systems can produce. The DV3000 IP core is now available for licensing.

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Evatronix R80251XC 32-bit Intel 80C251 Microcontroller IP Core

Evatronix introduced the R80251XC 32-bit Intel 80C251 compatible microcontroller. The 8051 compatible IP core exceeds the original Intel 8051 chip by more than 24 times (over 3 times better result than the Intel 80C251 at the same clock frequency). The Evatronix R80251XC IP core is available for licensing now. The core includes synthesis and simulation support scripts Verilog or VHDL test bench, and a reference design for the proprietary evaluation board.

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