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Microchip RE46C162/3 Ion, RE46C165/6/7/8 Photo Smoke Detector ICs

Microchip Technology introduced the RE46C162/3 Ion and RE46C165/6/7/8 (RE46C16X) photo smoke-detector ICs with alarm memory. RE46C16X ICs feature alarm memory, which enables the ICs to quickly determine which detector in an interconnected loop triggered an alarm. A charge-dump feature allows the alarm on all interconnected devices to stop sooner. The ICs’ low energy use enables smoke detectors with a battery life of 10 years, and an interconnect filter enables a connection to other devices, such as CO detectors.

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SolidLogic ION GS-L05 System

Logic Supply introduced the rugged SolidLogic ION GS-L05 fanless system. The SolidLogic ION-GS-L05 is available with two mainboard options: one features the Atom 230 CPU and wide input power supply options via the direct-plug picoPSU power supplies and the other features the Atom dual core 330 CPU, onboard power source, and included wireless card with antenna. Dual core system price starts at $485.00 and includes RAM, HDD, and power supply.

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