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Portwell NANO-6060 Nano-ITX Embedded System Board Features Intel Atom E3800

Portwell NANO-6060 Nano-ITX Embedded System Board

American Portwell Technology introduced the NANO-6060 Nano-ITX embedded system board. The Portwell module is built with the Intel Atom processor E3800 (formerly codenamed Bay Trail). The NANO-6060 Nano-ITX embedded board is ideal for for medical, networking, panel PC, kiosk and digital signage applications.

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Portwell WADE-8078 Mini-ITX Embedded System Board Supports Intel Atom E3800

Portwell WADE-8078 Mini-ITX Ebedded System Board

American Portwell Technology launched the WADE-8078 Mini-ITX embedded system board. It is based on the Intel Atom processor E3800 product family (formerly codenamed Bay Trail). The WADE-8078 is the first Portwell off-the-shelf Mini-ITX embedded board product based on the Intel Atom processor E3800 product family in a SoC package with memory and PCI Express controller integrated to support one-channel DDR3L memory and PCI Express 2.0 lanes It is ideal for kiosk, digital signage, medical, defense, industrial automation and control applications.

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Axiomtek PICO822 Pico-ITX Motherboard Supports Intel Atom E620T, E680T

Axiomtek PICO822 Pico-ITX motherboard

Axiomtek introduced the PICO822 Pico-ITX motherboard. The compact board supports the ultra low power Intel Atom processor E620T 600 MHz and E680T 1.6 GHz with the Intel Platform Controller Hub EG20T. The Axiomtek PICO822 single board computer is available now. The embedded SBC is ideal for in-vehicle PCs, medical imaging, in-flight entertainment systems, industrial automation systems, and the portable devices.

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American Portwell Technology Unveils PCOM-B21A COM Express Module

American Portwell Technology PCOM-B21A COM Express module

American Portwell Technology introduced the PCOM-B21A COM Express module. The board features the Intel Dual-Core Atom N2800/2600 processor, DDR3 memory (up to 4GB), four PCIe x1 lanes, eight USB 2.0 ports, VGA, LVDS, DisplayPort (DP), and dual independent displays. The Portwell PCOM-B21A Type 10 COM Express module supports Type 10 carrier board.

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Axiomtek Introduces NANO830 and NANO831 Single Board Computers

Axiomtek NANO830 and NANO831 motherboards

Axiomtek recently launched the NANO831 and NANO830 single board computers. The Nano-ITX motherboards support the latest Cedar Trial platform, Intel Atom dual core processor with the Intel NM10 Express chipset. The Axiomtek NANO831 and NANO830 Nano-ITX SBCs will be available near the end of February 2013. The new motherboards are ideal for medical healthcare, in-vehicle infotainment, mobile kiosk, mobile gaming, digital entertainment, digital signage, and portable POS applications.

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Habey BIS-6632A Embedded System Features Intel Atom N2800, D25500 Processor

Habey BIS-6632A embedded system

Habey announced the BIS-6632A embedded system. The BIS-6632A features the Intel Atom N2800 or D25500 processor, six COM ports, dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports, two PCIe slots with SIM option, and POE (Power Over Ethernet). The Habey BIS-6632A is a small footprint system based on the Thin Mini-ITX form factor. It is ideal for digital signage, building automation, NVR, point-of-sale, kiosk and other embedded and industrial applications.

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IBASE IB895 Single Board Computer Features Intel Atom D2550/N2600 Processor

IBASE Technology IB895 single board computer

IBASE Technology introduced the IB895 single board computer. The IB895 is a 3.5″ disk-size SBC. It features the Intel Atom D2550/N2600 processor, Intel NM10 chipset, iSMART green technology, up to 4MB of system memory, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, six USB, four serial ports, two SATA, mSATA and 12~24V DC input. The IBASE IB895 SBC is ideal for digital signage, POS, kiosks, and factory automation applications.

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congatec conga-CCA COM Express Module Features Intel Atom Dual-Core Processor

congatec conga-CCA COM Express module

congatec introduced their conga-CCA COM Express module. The conga-CCA is a Type 2 pin-out board. The module is available in three variants: Intel Atom N2600 processor, Intel Atom N2800 processor, and Intel Atom D2700 processor. The conga-CCA features up to 4GB of DDR3 memory, Intel NM10 chipset, four PCI Express x1 lanes, two SATA 2.0, eight USB 2.0, and a Gigabit Ethernet interface. The congatec conga-CCA is available now. Prices start at less than $225 in evaluation quantities.

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HABEY Introduces BIS-6545 Embedded System

HABEY USA BIS-6545 embedded system rear panel

HABEY USA introduced their BIS-6545 embedded system. The BIS-6545 features the Intel Atom N2800/D2700 processor, Intel NM10 chipset, five Gigabit Ethernet ports, WiFi/3G capability, six USBs, COM, VGA, HDMI, SATA2, SATA3 (6gb/s), and mini-PCIe slots. The fanless HABEY BIS-6545 embedded system is ideal for networking, IP-based applications, NVR, medical, industrial automation, and digital signage.

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Kontron Debuts Dual-Core COMe-mCT10 COM Express Mini Computer-on-Module

Kontron introduced the COMe-mCT10 Computer-on-Module. According to Kontron, it is the world’s first COM Express mini Computer-on-Module with dual-core processing power. The Kontron COMe-mCT10 COM Express module is based on the Intel Atom processors N2600, N2800 and D2550. Samples of the new Kontron boards are available now. The COMe-mCT10 is ideal for handheld mobile embedded systems, as well as small portable, in-vehicle or stationary devices such as POS/POI, infotainment, digital signage, gaming and medical.

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