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Summit SMB328A and SMB328B Programmable Battery Charger ICs

Summit Microelectronics announced the SMB328A and SMB328B programmable battery charger integrated circuits (IC) for single-cell Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, and Li-FePO4 powered systems. The SMB328A and SMB328B enable engineers to create slim industrial designs with faster charging times. The SMB328A and SMB328B are available now in production quantities. The SMB328A is priced at $1.28 and the SMB328B is priced at $1.23 each in quantities of 10,000 units.

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Teridian Semiconductor Residential Smart Metering Integrated Circuits

Teridian Semiconductor is sampling their new 71M6541x and 71M6xx1 residential smart metering integrated circuits (ICs). The 71M6541x and 71M6xx1 feature digitally isolated current sensors based on their MicroDAA isolation technology. By incorporating isolation technology into the metering solutions, Teridian have overcome traditional barriers associated with the use of resistive shunts in multi-phase applications.

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STMicroelectronics STM65xx Smart-Reset Chip Family

STMicroelectronics introduced the STM6502, STM6503, STM6504, and STM6505 smart-reset chips. The STM65xx family of smart-reset Integrated Circuits (IC) enables the system to be restarted safely without removing the battery or finding a tool to push the reset button, usually hidden behind a hole in the casing. ST’s smart reset solution simplifies design, reduces part count, and saves on overall system cost while improving the industrial design. The STM65xx is in mass production now and is priced at $0.53 for 10,000 units.

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