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Microchip Technology Debuts PIC24FJ128GC010 Microcontroller Family

Microchip Technology PIC24FJ128GC010 MCU family

Microchip Technology launched the PIC24FJ128GC010 microcontroller family. The new PIC24FJ128GC010 MCU devices are available now for sampling and volume production. Prices start at $2.59 each in volume. The PIC24FJ128GC010 (128 KB Flash) and PIC24FJ64GC010 (64 KB Flash) are available in 100-pin TQFP and 121-pin BGA packages. The PIC24FJ128GC006 (128 KB Flash) and PIC24FJ64GC006 (64 KB Flash) are available in 64-pin TQFP and QFN packages.

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Mantracourt T24-PA Wireless Pulse Acquisition Module

Mantracourt introduced their T24-PA wireless pulse acquisition module. The T24-PA is designed for the collection and processing of pulse related measurements. It enables the remote monitoring of processes that have a periodic nature, such as motor, shaft or flow meter rotation. The Mantracourt module transmits on license-free 2.4Ghz, and avoids local radio interference to ensure data integrity and security. The T24-PA wireless pulse measuring device is also available in IP rated enclosures.

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ScanWork Validation and Testing Tools Support Future Intel Platforms

ASSET InterTech has enhanced their validation and testing tools for Intel’s future platforms. ASSET’s ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments will continue to support Intel’s Interconnect Built-In Self Test (IBIST) technology, which is embedded in the processors and chip sets. In addition, ScanWorks will provide a comprehensive validation solution for high-speed input/output (I/O) on Intel platforms.

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Microchip MCP3901 Analog Front End for Metering Applications

Microchip Technology introduced the MCP3901 Analog Front End (AFE) for metering applications. The MCP3901 AFE features high-accuracy, dual 16-/24-bit Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) with up to 91 dB Signal to Noise and Distortion (SINAD), internal Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGAs) and voltage reference, phase-delay compensation, and a modulator output block that enables more precise measurements than competitive solutions. The MCP3901 AFE is available in a 20-pin SSOP package, for $1.42 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

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