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E-con Systems e-CAM52_35x Camera Daughter Card

E-con Systems introduced the e-CAM52_35x camera daughter card. The e-con e-CAM52_35x plugs directly onto the Digital Video port (DVP) interface of the DM3730 processor available on the DM3730 EVM board from Texas instruments. The e-CAM52_35x daughter card features the e-CAM52_5640_MOD 5 Megapixel camera module based on OmniVision OV5640 HD CMOS Image sensor. The e-CAM52_35x daughter card is ideal for OCR, barcode readers, digital still cameras, and document visualizers. An evaluation kit will be available next month.

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e-con e-CAM50 Camera Module

e-con Systems introduced the e-CAM50_CU5642_MOD 5M pixel camera module with a S-mount lens holder. The e-CAM50_CU5642_MOD is based on the Omnivision’s OV5642 CMOS image sensor. The OV5642 can be interfaced directly with application processors — such as the OMAP35x, PXA3xx, and PXA27. The S-mount lens holder enables engineers to choose a lens that optically meets their application requirements — such as field of view, depth of focus, minimum focal distance, and adjustable focal length. The e-CAM50_CU5642_MOD camera module includes Linux and Windows CE drivers.

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eDVR92 H.264 HD Reference Design

Aptina and eASIC teamed on a H.264 High Definition (HD) reference design that is capable of supporting up to 720p/30fps rates. The eDVR92-based H.264 HD reference design is aimed at enabling and simplifying the development for a new class of low-cost HD applications and making low-cost HD solutions available for the masses. It is ideal for low-cost HD camcorders, baby monitors, public transportation, wireless surveillance, medical, and industrial/automotive vision systems. The eDVR92-based H.264 HD reference design is available now from eASIC. Pricing for the eDVR9200 CODEC IC starts at $4.95 in high volume.

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