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STMicroelectronics Intelligent Power Modules

STMicroelectronics introduced the STGIPS10K60A, STGIPS14K60, STGIPL14K60, and the STGIPS20K60 intelligent power modules for AC motor drive applications. The new IPMs integrate control functions, IGBT switches, and value-added features to enable smaller, more reliable, and lower-cost control units. All devices are available in full production. The STGIPS10K60A is priced at $5.60 in quantities of 25,000 units.

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STGW30N120KD and STGW40N120KD Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors

The STGW30N120KD and the STGW40N120KD, from STMicroelectronics, are Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs). The STGW30N120KD and the STGW40N120KD have low energy loss when conductin (like an ordinary IGBT) and also reduce losses while switching. The new series is rated for 1200V operation, which allows use at higher AC line voltages such as 440V or 480V. The STGW30N120KD and STGW40N120KD are for applications up to 30A and 40A, respectively. They are in full production and are available, respectively, at $2.50 and $2.80 each, in quantities of 5000 pieces.

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