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GE NETernity GBX460 Fully Managed OpenVPX 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the NETernity GBX460, which is a fully managed data plane switch module. The managed GBX460 features OpenWare switch management capability, Layer 2/3 switching and routing, including support for IPv6 addressing; extensive management for configuration and protocol options; and the ability to customize the software to meet specific application requirements. OpenWare supports high throughput interprocessor communication (IPC) between 10GigE-enabled processing nodes. The NETernity GBX460 is ideal for high performance computing (HPC) and networking applications (communications, ISR and radar).

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GE DSP280 Dual Socket Quad Core 6U VPX Multiprocessor

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the DSP280 multiprocessor. The GE DSP280 features RDMA-enabled 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Double Data Rate (DDR) InfiniBand dual port NICs, 16 GBytes of ECC memory, 16 GBytes of solid state disk, up to 1.8 GBytes/second data rates per channel, memory-to-memory latencies of 1µs, 260+ Gigaflops peak performance and main memory bandwidth of up to 21 GBytes/second per CPU node. The rugged dual socket quad core 6U VPX multiprocessor is ideal for ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance), radar, sonar, and image and sensor processing applications.

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