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Imec and Holst Centre Debut ADC with 30fJ Energy per Conversion Step

imec and Holst Centre announced an ultra-low power 8 bit analog to digital convertor (ADC) that consumes only 30fJ energy per conversion step. The ADC is ideal for upcoming low energy radios in the ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) radio bands such as low-energy Bluetooth or IEEE 802.15.6 for body-area networks.

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Analog Signal Processor for Ambulatory Heart Signal Monitoring Systems

imec and Holst Centre announced an analog-signal processor (ASP) ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) that reduces the overall power consumption of an ambulatory heart activity signal monitoring systems by more than 5 times. This breakthrough is a major step towards constant ambulatory monitoring of people using energy harvesting, which increases the comfort level of patients and is a cost- and time-efficient alternative for current monitoring systems.

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