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White Paper: How to Minimize Energy Consumption in Capacitive Sensing Applications


Capacitive sensing is all about the ability to measure the capacitance, or more often the change in capacitance, between two or more electrodes. As a technique it is frequently employed to detect proximity or position but can also be used to measure humidity, fluid level and acceleration. Because capacitive sensing supports such a diverse range of applications, solutions are found in many different markets — from industrial, automotive and medical through to consumer. And as more and more electronic products are being designed with touchpads and touchscreens we are seeing an explosion in the use of capacitive sensing technology to provide the vital human machine interface (HMI).

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Distec Launches ArtistaGUI Human Machine Interface Controller

Distec ArtistaGUI human-machine-interface (HMI) controller

Distec launched their new ArtistaGUI human machine interface (HMI) controller. The ArtistaGUI graphic controller enables simple machine controls with a graphical user interface and touchscreen without substantial modifications to the control electronics. Programming of the GUI is carried out with a WYSIWYG Interface Designer and the QT-Quick scripting language. The communication protocol is the robust and in-field proven Modbus-RTU.

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Datasound Launches AHM-6XX6 Panel Computers for HMI Applications

Datasound Laboratories AHM-6XX6 series of panel computers for HMI applications

Datasound Laboratories launched their AHM-6XX6 series of panel computers for HMI applications. The AHM-6XX6 features the Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz dual core processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, resistive touch screens, 2.5″ removable SATA HDD, CompactFlash socket, Gb LAN, four USB ports and three serial ports. The Datasound AHM-6xx6 supports Windows CE 6.0, XP Pro, XP Embedded, Windows 7 and Windows Embedded Standard 7.

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Axiomtek GOT-3156TL-830 HMI Touch Panel Computer

Axiomtek introduced the GOT-3156TL-830 HMI touch panel computer. The GOT-3156TL-830 features 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor N270 1.6 GHz, 15-inch XGA TFT LCD, brightness of 400 nits, resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, 200-pin DDR2 533 SO-DIMM system memory (up to 2 GB, one SATA HDD) CompactFlash slot, four COM ports, four USB 2.0 ports, audio (line-out), Gigabit Ethernet, VGA connector, IP65 and NEMA 4 protection, temperature range of -10°C ~ +55°C, sunlight readable design and anti-vibration design. The Axiomtek GOT-3156TL-830 fanless touch panel computer is available now.

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WIN Enterprises PL-80270 Touch Panel Computer

WIN Enterprises introduced the PL-80270 touch panel computer. The touch panel PC provides graphics-based visualization of specialized computer processes such as programmable automation controllers (PAC), programmable logic controllers (PLC), and distributed control system (DCS). The fanless open frame PL-80270 features a smart card reader, three RS-232 COM, two photo-couple inputs, two dry contact relay output, and five GPIO. The WIN PL-80270 is available now. Prices start at $112 in quantities above 20 units.

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DuroPC Industrial HMI Panel Computers

DuroPC Industrial Computers announced the DuroPC PAN221, PAN148, PAN150, PAN219, and PAN220 Human Machine Interface (HMI) Panel PCs. The industrial grade Panel PC line features Intel Atom processors, fanless design, touch screen, Wonderware InTouch CE v10.1 HMI software, high-brightness LED backlit LCD display, and long life. The HMI panel computers range in size from 5.7″ to 17″. The new DuroPC supports the Windows 7 operating system and can be integrated directly into PCA, PLC, DCS, factory SCADA systems, operator terminals and automation applications. The are ideal for factory and industrial automation applications.

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Lanner Electronics VES-310 Motherboard

Lanner Electronics introduced the VES-310 motherboard. The VES-310 SBC features the Intel Atom N450 CPU, VGA and LVDS video outs, temperature range of 0° and 60° Celsius, dual RJ4 LAN ports, SATA connections, CompactFlash socket, line in, audio out, DIO, two COM, and two USB ports. The 3.5″ board is ideal for POS machines, touch screen panel displays and HMI interfaces in both industrial and commercial settings.

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Pair the Best GUI to the Lowest Cost Hardware with Graphical Code Generators

By Mike Juran

We’ve all seen the iPhone. The phrase game changing gets thrown around a lot, but this is one instance where it’s truly applicable. It has put the Human Machine Interface (HMI) on the top of the list of major considerations in product marketing and development.

Can you imagine a world where the iPhone costs $1000 or where the animations from screen to screen are jerky and halting? Either extreme could have extinguished this user interface torchbearer before anyone saw the light.

Product designers are faced with these types of dilemmas every day. Experienced designers understand that there are some choices that are critical to the success of the product — and they often must be made at the project start, when the least is known about requirements.

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VIA EPIA-M830 Mini-ITX Board

VIA Technologies introduced the VIA EPIA-M830 Mini-ITX board. The VIA EPIA-M830 features a 64-bit VIA Nano E-Series processor and a VIA VX800 media system processor. The VIA VX800 features DirectX9 integrated graphics, crystal clear HD audio, Gigabit networking, supports up to 2GB of DDR2 system memory, and offers advanced video acceleration for MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV9 and VC-1 video formats. The VIA EPIA-M830 is ideal for kiosk, POI, POS, and gaming applications.

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VIA VIPRO VP7806 and VIPRO VP7815 Touch Screen Panel PCs

VIA Technologies introduced the 6.5 inch VIA VIPRO VP7806 and 15 inch VIA VIPRO VP7815 fanless touch screen panel PCs. The VIA VIPRO devices feature Em-ITX form factor, an integrated two megapixel autofocus IP camera, microphone, and speakers. The IP65 compliant LED backlit panels can withstand temperatures of -200 °C to 600 °C. The VIA VIPRO VP7806 and VIPRO VP7815 are based on the VIA ART 3000 embedded box system. The VIA VIPRO VP7806 and VIPRO VP7815 are ideal for hospital patient terminals, home and building automation, and multimedia security systems.

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