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HEM Data Mini ADAC Data Logger

HEM Data launched the Mini ADAC data logger. According to HEM Data, the Mini ADAC is the industry’s smallest, multi-function data logger. The 8 channel logger acquires a variety of inputs including voltages, currents, temperatures, and converts pulses to counter/timer signals. Its small size means it is easy to install for in-vehicle testing and other field testing applications. The Mini ADAC Logger works well for a wide range of applications including performance, monitoring, R&D, and duty cycle measurements. Its on-board storage is a 2GB Micro SD card.

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HEM Data DAWN Mini Logger for In-Vehicle Diagnostics

HEM Data rolled out the DAWN Mini Logger for in-vehicle diagnostics. It is the industry’s smallest high speed data logger. The DAWN Mini Logger is small enough to fit within the mating OBD (J1962) connector under the dashboard. Its small size means it is easy to install. The mini-data logger just snaps onto the OBD (On-board Diagnostics) connector. It is then ready to acquire data and is hidden from the driver.

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