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Habey USA Introduces BIS-6569A Embedded System

Habey BIS-6569A embedded system - rear view

Habey USA introduced their BIS-6569A embedded system. The BIS-6569A features a dual core Intel Atom D2700, NVidia GT520 discreet GPU, up to 4GB DDR3 RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, six USB 2.0, S/PDIF optical audio, VGA+HDMI (dual independent display), four audio I/Os, two antenna holes for WIFI and Bluetooth, and full RS232 serial port for automatic control. The Habey BIS-6569A is ideal for digital signage, LED signage, broadcasting, and HTPC.

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HABEY USA Introduces BIS-6761 and BIS-6763 Embedded Systems

HABEY BIS-6763 embedded system

HABEY USA introduced their BIS-6761/6763 embedded system. The BIS-6761 is powered by the Intel Celeron 857, while the BIS-6763 is powered by the Intel Core i3-2367M. The BIS-6763/6761 features the Intel HM65 chipset, HDMI+VGA dual independent display, six USB ports, a COM port, Gigabit Ethernet port, mic in, line out audio on both back and front plate, and a DC 12V power input for mobile applications. The HABEY embedded computer is ideal for medical, digital signage, industrial automation, green technology, advanced system controller, POS, and kiosk applications.

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HABEY Introduces BIS-6545 Embedded System

HABEY USA BIS-6545 embedded system rear panel

HABEY USA introduced their BIS-6545 embedded system. The BIS-6545 features the Intel Atom N2800/D2700 processor, Intel NM10 chipset, five Gigabit Ethernet ports, WiFi/3G capability, six USBs, COM, VGA, HDMI, SATA2, SATA3 (6gb/s), and mini-PCIe slots. The fanless HABEY BIS-6545 embedded system is ideal for networking, IP-based applications, NVR, medical, industrial automation, and digital signage.

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Habey BIS-6630 Embedded System

Habey USA and NORCO announced the BIS-6630 embedded computer. The fanless BIS-6630 embedded system is based on the Intel Atom N2800 (1.83 GHz) and D2700 (2.13 Ghz) processors. The compact PC features six USBs, six COM ports, two Gigabit Ethernet, SIM socket for 3G/4G connectivity, two Mini-PCIe slots, VGA, DVI-D (up to 1920 x 1080), internal 18-bit LVDS (up to 1366 x 768 resolution), HD audio, 2.5″ SATA drive bay and mSATA option, and 12VDC power input. The Habey Cedar Trail embedded system is ideal for digital signage, building automation, NVR, point-of-sales, and other embedded and industrial applications.

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MITX-6930 Mini-ITX Industrial Motherboard

NORCO and Habey USA introduced the MITX-6930 mini-ITX motherboard for industrial and embedded applications. The MITX-6930 industrial single board computer is powered by the latest Intel Atom processors (1.86GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor N2800 or the 2.13 GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor D2700). The MITX-6930 SBC features two SATAII ports, mini-PCIe SSD (optional), six USB2.0 ports, six COM ports, three audio jacks, LVDS connector, 32-bit PCI slot, and two Mini PCI Express expansion slots. The MITX-6930 mini-ITX motherboard is available now.

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Habey BIS-6625 Embedded System

Habey USA introduced their BIS-6625 embedded system. The Habey BIS-6625 features the Intel Atom E6xx 0.6GHz/1.0GHz/1.3GHz processor, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, three mini-PCIe slots (two of three with SIM card sockets), 3G/4G connectivity, four COM ports, and CAN bus header. The industrial embedded system supports Android 2.3, MeeGo 1.2, Fedora 14, and Microsoft Windows XP/Embedded Standard 2009, Embedded Compact 7, and Windows 7/Embedded Standard 7 operating systems. The BIS-6625 is ideal for digital signage, intelligent kiosks, industrial control, POS, traffic management, medical clinical instruments, smart M2M devices, digital security and surveillance, railway, and build your own embedded system applications.

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Habey POS-7933 Motherboard

Habey USA introduced the POS-7933 motherboard. The POS-7933 features the Intel Core i7/i5/i3 processor, two 1066/1333 DIMM sockets (up to 8 GB DDR3 RAM), ten serial ports, parallel port, six USB 2.0 ports, four SATA interfaces, two SATA 3.0 6gb/s ports (RAID 0/1/5/10), GPIO, Gigabit Ethernet port, line-out, line-in, mic-in, CD-in, audio output, PCI slot, and mini-PCIE slot. The Habey POS-7933 is ideal for business banking, ATMs, retail kiosks, print imaging, gaming, and factory automation.

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Habey BIS-6564 Fanless Embedded System

Habey USA introduced their BIS-6564 embedded system. The BIS-6564 features dual core Intel Atom D525, Intel NM10 Express Chipset, NVidia ION 2 GPU, HDMI, up to 2560×1600 resolution, dual internal mini-PCI express expansion slots, Gigabit Ethernet, three USB 2.0, S/PDIF optical audio, two antenna holes for WIFI and Bluetooth, and full RS232 serial port. The Habey BIS-6564 is ideal for digital signage, LED signage, broadcasting, and HTPC.

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Habey EPC-6567 AMD Fusion Mini Embedded PC

Habey USA announced their EPC-6567 embedded system. The slim PC features the AMD Fusion Dual Core 1.6GHz processor, HDMI port, VGA port, two rear USBs, LAN, S/PDIF HD digital audio, four onboard USB 2.0, and dual internal mini-PCI Express slots for internal wireless, TV tuner, 3G modules. The Habey EPC-6567 AMD E-350 Fusion Embedded PC is designed to run with almost 40% less energy than a GPU+CPU PC while offering dual core speeds and 1080p HD graphics.

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Habey PPC-6512 Touchscreen Panel PC

Habey USA introduced the PPC-6512 Panel PC. The PPC-6512 features Intel Atom Dual Core D525 1.8GHz, Nvidia ION2 GT218 graphics, 12-inch widescreen touchscreen, HDMI+VGA, serial port, two mini-PCIe, four USBs, eSATA, LAN, 1.3 megapixel camera, and a 100×100 vesa mounting holes. It supports supports Windows XP/7/Embedded/POS and Linux operating systems. The Habey PPC-6512 Panel PC is ideal for automation control applications.

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