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Energy Micro Introduces EFM32 Wonder Gecko Microcontroller

Energy Micro EFM32 Wonder Gecko Microcontroller

Energy Micro introduced the EFM32 Wonder Gecko microcontroller. The EFM32 Gecko MCU features the ARM Cortex-M4 processor, which provides a full DSP instruction set and a dedicated floating point unit (FPU). The EFM32 Wonder Gecko also utilizes the eLL (extreme low leakage) process for low-power operation in active and sleep modes. The Wonder Gecko microcontrollers is available now for $2.64 each in 100k units.

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ARM Cortex-M4 Processor for Digital Signal Control

ARM introduced the Cortex-M4 processor for digital signal control (DSC) applications. The Cortex-M4 processor features a single-cycle multiply-accumulate (MAC) unit, optimized single instruction multiple data (SIMD) instructions, saturating arithmetic instructions, and an optional single precision Floating-Point Unit (FPU). The Cortex-M4 processor has been licensed by five leading MCU semiconductor companies including NXP, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments.

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