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McObject eXtremeDB 4.1 Real-time Database System for Embedded Systems

McObject rolled out eXtremeDB v4.1 real-time database system for embedded systems. The latest version of the embedded database features support for custom database collations, new encryption, additional security features, and improvements in how eXtremeDB organizes data on disk and flash media. Using eXtremeDB, developers can eliminate the need to create custom data management code, or to modify a DBMS designed for slower business applications into a real-time system.

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Java Native Interface for eXtremeDB Embedded Database

McObject introduce a Java Native Interface (JNI) for their eXtremeDB embedded database. According to McObject, eXtremeDB JNI offers the fastest possible database solution in Java. eXtremeDB JNI is ideal for embedded systems, Java-based set-top boxes, and real-time enterprise systems (such as highly scalable finance, e-commerce, social network and other web applications).

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McObject eXtremeDB 4.0 Real-Time Embedded Database Systems

McObject introduced version 4.0 of eXtremeDB. Using McObject’s eXtremeDB, developers eliminate the need to create custom data management code, reducing development and support costs for real-time systems and gaining higher performance. McObject 4.0 is ideal for a wide array of markets including financial services, industrial control, defense and aerospace, web services, telecommunications, and consumer electronics.

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